Thinking about going to the cloud?

Nowadays, businesses are flocking to the cloud in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage, saving money, and making their lives easier.  But how do you know what cloud solution is right for your business? What if you decided that the cloud isn’t for you and you want off?

At Genieall, we were cloud before cloud was cool.  We’ve been helping clients plan, budget, and move to the right cloud solution for years! That means we can use our experience to help you understand what the best options are for tackling the needs of your business while also saving you money.

Genieall’s cloud services are custom-built for each client. Whether you want to invest in infrastructure-as-a-service, remote workspace, remote application publishing and virtualization or secure access to business systems, Genieall will tailor a solution to fit the needs of your business.

With proven results, Genieall’s Cloud Computing service can help you with:

  • Understanding your options based on your business or technical objectives
  • Understanding the options and implications of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms
  • Cloud migration – cloud to cloud and on premise to cloud migration experts.
  • Determining your total cost of ownership from an implementation and ongoing perspective
  • Providing data centre applications
  • Saving time and money

let’s clear the air

Genieall is always vendor agnostic, and will take a unbiased approach when working with you to navigate through the vast and ever-changing Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options to find the solution that drives the most value for your business.

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