compliance & audit

Wish your business’ technology could pass mandatory compliance standards?

Depending on the industry you are in, there could be rules -lots of rules- about how your IT infrastructure and data needs to adhere to.

How would an audit affect your business?

Failing a compliance audit can cause all sorts of problems for your business.  It can hurt your brand, cost you business, see your fined, or even force your business to shut down.

Having the right solutions can ensure that you won’t have to worry about an audit.

Genieall offers a wide array of compliance and audit support solutions that will make it easy for you to streamline your business processes and keep the paperwork to a minimum.  Easy-to-use programs can help you manage everything from security policies to risk management.

Genieall’s Compliance & Audit Support can help you with:

  • Risk assessment and identifying non-conformances
  • Problem identification and proactive corrective/preventative actions
  • Adhering to policies of NERC, PCI, HIPAA, PHIPPA, NPCC criteria, MPCC, WECC and other regulatory bodies
  • Gathering critical audit intel to substantiate proof of compliance

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