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Wish you had more insight and control of your data?

Your business is your data.  If you don’t understand or can’t control access to your data, how can you effectively run your business? Genieall will help you choose the data management strategy that best suits your business needs based on your security needs, access requirements, and how your firm creates, uses, and updates your data.

Before deciding on a technology approach, Genieall will determine what your business and technology objectives are. We will help determine your data’s life cycle, making sure that it is being properly born, sorted and assigned to the proper storage tier, making sure that it adheres to any specific compliance requirements you may have.

Genieall’s data management services and applications can help with:

  • Minimizing unexpected downtime
  • Reducing costs
  • Active system maintenance and optimisation
  • Keeping up with increasing business demands
  • Security and compliance

data management strategy

Your data is always growing so your data management solution needs to grow with it. Genieall gives you the ability to manage big data in an effective way and target specific business requirements like data leakage, compliance, and data retention.

maximize your options

Whether your data is stored on premise or at a separate data storage facility, Genieall provides a variety of applications and services to make sure that your business can always access the data it needs when it needs it.

minimize your downtime

One of the biggest challenges to any business is dealing with unexpected downtime for key processes. Genieall works diligently to reduce unexpected downtime with regular system maintenance, optimization and improvement.

we know data

Genieall’s team of big data management consultants have years of experience helping clients in a variety of different industries. We can help you tackle a variety of data management needs from evolving hardware requirements, to changing storage facilities and anything in between!

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