Wish your Healthcare IT was healthy?

Genieall knows that healthcare providers are under constant pressure to provide the highest standard of medical care possible. With the push for healthcare organizations to go paperless, there is now added pressure to make sure that your IT system is secure or risk implications of failed compliance regulations.

common IT problems in the healthcare sector

  • High expectations to deliver high quality care
  • Investing in technology while also reducing costs
  • Adapting to a constantly evolving Healthcare IT landscape
  • Adhering to strict government compliance regulations
  • The need for scalable solutions
  • Requiring a high level of IT Security including exploit protection and ransomware prevention
  • Security and privacy of patient healthcare information

Genieall’s IT solutions

Genieall’s extensive work with companies in the Healthcare industry helps us provide you with a well-rounded services portfolio specifically designed to fit the needs of Healthcare organizations:

  • Security and Compliance service for PHIPA, HIPAA
  • Security and integrity of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Personal Health Record (PHR) systems
  • Secure remote access services
  • Data management/backup and recovery
  • Smart secure roaming virtual kiosk for health facilities

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