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do you find yourself wishing your IT systems were less time-consuming to manage? Genieall can make that wish come true!

At Genieall, our goal is to provide you with more than just traditional IT Managed Services. We look to reduce your business risk due to unexpected downtime by providing you with constant advisory, planning, and improvements, focusing on driving efficiencies with new or existing investments.

Our comprehensive and affordable managed services portfolio can help improve your IT and business’ efficiencies. With Genieall’s dedicated managed support service, we can help you keep your solutions working the way you want them to. Don’t have in-house IT staff? Don’t worry! Genieall can proactively manage your IT while you focus on running your business.

You can proactively manage your IT with our dedicated managed support service which will help keep your solutions working the way you want them to!

With proven expertise, Genieall’s managed services can help with:

  • Ensuring that systems are up-to-date, secure, efficient and scalable
  • Increasing efficiencies on new and existing equipment
  • Driving down support costs
  • Day-to-day operational management and maintenance
  • System support
  • Key strategic and developmental tasks
  • Right sourcing of services

managed services portfolio

IT support centre

Wishing your IT was easier to understand? Genieall’s dedicated support consultants provide you with assistance that is tailored to your organization and its specific needs.

Genieall’s IT Support Centre is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that we can assist you right when you need us. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are available for assistance with your PCs, laptops and handheld devices. Plus, we will be on hand to provide solid expertise to solve your network, server and storage infrastructure problems.

monitoring centre

Wishing for more peace of mind when it comes to your IT? genieall takes a holistic approach to monitoring your entire IT infrastructure. We keep a close eye for unwanted or problematic behavior day and night and we can alert you if there is an issue.

Our Monitoring Center looks at multiple layers of service, from hardware to the infrastructure software application or service. Multiple triggers help us to get a clear understanding of the big picture, which helps us to support our clients in a more efficient manner.

By monitoring each of these key ‘metrics’, genieall can proactively understand your IT infrastructure to reduce unwanted downtime.

managed infrastructure

Wishing your IT was less time-consuming to manage? Managing your IT infrastructure is a big job, and often gets put on the backburner. Without proper care and attention, your system won’t work as effectively as you need it to.

genieall can help reduce the frustrations of infrastructure management by doing it for you! We manage each system or service from both a proactive and reactive standpoint, frequently checking in to implement latest system and software updates. We also provide reports and recommendations on a frequent basis which helps provide key insight into your system’s health.

managed application

Wishing your key programs worked more effectively? Applications which help to facilitate business processes are an integral part of keeping your business running smoothly. genieall can maintain critical applications to improve their reliability and reduce unwanted downtime.

Our Managed Application service concentrates on key IT infrastructure applications like email, databases or remote access services and the triggers they use to function correctly. We manage each critical service or application and make sure that they receive the proper care and attention to support your business and demonstrate value to your staff. Plus, with Genieall managing your applications, it removes the burden of training and staffing for all of the various applications which are constantly evolving.

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