Wish your IT is never ruled

“out of order”?

Nowadays, lawyers are expected to be able to communicate, access critical files and schedule all while on-the-go.  And all of this has to be done as securely as possible to protect the privacy and integrity of your clients’ information.

At Genieall, we’ve worked with legal operations of all sizes: from single attorney offices, to large, multi-location firms.  We always start off by understanding our clients’ business objectives, operations, projected needs and regulatory requirements.  We make our legal customers’ IT wishes come true by making sure they can work from anywhere, access their files and applications securely, and be able to serve their clients’ needs efficiently and cost effectively.

common IT problems in the law sector

  • Adhering to strict compliance regulations
  • Keeping sensitive case and client information secure
  • Need for remote access to critical business applications
  • Maintaining and cutting costs
  • Constantly evolving IT infrastructure requirements

Genieall’s IT solutions

Genieall offers a well-rounded services portfolio that is specifically designed to tackle the needs of clients in the Law sector:

  • Facilitating security and accessibility around digitization of information
  • Providing access to critical line of business applications through Genieall’s secure workspace to support the mobile lawyer
  • Ensuring continuity of business operations in the event of disaster
  • Data lifecycle management including storage, backup and archiving cases
  • Providing tools to aide with collaboration, sticking to time commitments and scheduling

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