do you wish you could manage and improve the manufacturing process while squeezing all of the value out of existing IT systems?

At Genieall, we understand how time-consuming and stressful it can be to deal with high-impact issues like regional and global competition, fluctuating market prices, or mergers and acquisitions.

Since every manufacturing operation has different IT requirements, Genieall will work with you to first determine your operation’s specific business and technology objectives. This includes accounting for strict compliance and audit requirements that most manufacturing operations must adhere to.

common IT problems in the manufacturing sector

  • Adjusting to numerous business initiatives like regional expansion and evolving business models
  • Maintaining solid partnership through technological mediation and documentation.
  • Costly technology upgrades to remain innovative and effective
  • Strict compliance regulations
  • Diverse, multivendor, and inconsistent control system architecture

Genieall’s IT solutions

With extensive experience in all aspects of the Manufacturing industry, Genieall can help with the following:

  • Management of specialized industrial systems
  • Supporting Industrial Control Systems (ICS / SCADA) protocols not limited to Modbus, ICCP, DMP3, and OPC
  • Implementation and support of low latency high available network ring topologies
  • Secure remote access to highly vulnerable industrialized systems
  • Understanding support requirements for aged infrastructure and “sweating” assets
  • Providing IT solutions and services that meet a strict operational budget

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