remote workspace

Wish you could work from anywhere?

Sometimes you can’t -or don’t want to- work from the office.  You want to have a meeting at a café, or would rather just work from home. But having this kind of freedom means being able to have secure access to your business applications, services and data wherever you are.

Genieall’s remote workspace solutions allow you to be productive, anywhere at any time, always, through a secure connection.

Genieall’s remote workspace solutions can help with:

  • Creating secure solutions to allow to you access your data, files, and applications
  • Balancing business requirements with security and compliance
  • Enterprise secure file sharing, giving you access from laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Vendor agnostic secure remote access to industrial control systems

work from anywhere

Setting up secure access to a remote workspace opens up the possibility for you and your employees to work from anywhere at any time. Imagine being able to finish off a presentation, have a video conference or access important files in a pinch, all in the comfort of your own home. Genieall can make that wish come true!

remote access meets compliance

Genieall’s remote workspace solutions can be set up to provide secure access to industrial control systems to meet technology compliance requirements, providing a secure mechanism to allow vendor and contractor access to monitor critical services and resources.

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