Incorporated in 2012, Genieall Corporation is a privately owned Canadian IT Service and Consulting company. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Genieall provides managed and IT consulting services to companies in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, and Finance verticals.

Prior to establishing Genieall, our founders worked with many organizations as a service provider or internally on an IT team with organizations large and small. They have experienced the good, bad and ugly when it comes to IT service delivery. They have had to navigate, implement and leverage support services and technology and through this experience have developed a unique service delivery model.

Genieall core values






we promote diversity

we embody integrity (honesty, trust & respect)

we believe that the greatest wealth is health

Maximizing the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, but is also a competitive advantage. From a business vantage point, to best serve the market, one must employ the market.

Genieall values long-term relationships. Whether it be with our employees, customers, or within the communities we operate. The only sustainable way to foster and develop long-term meaningful relationships is to always conduct ourselves with integrity.

There is no monetary value that can compensate for good health. We often take for granted the importance of good health, but it is the utmost priority when it starts to falter.






we advance through change

we leave our ego at the door to promote free-flowing ideas & collaboration

we pursue excellence through passion and perseverance

Change is inevitable, especially within the technology industry. As daunting as it can be, we must embrace change in order to grow and provide a meaningful, value-minded service to our clients.

In order to venture off the typical path and find new ways to operate, we must leave our egos at the door, listen to all parties and provide constructive feedback to one another.

We understand that there is always a requirement to learn and better ourselves. In the long term, our pursuit must be coupled with a passion which will keep us motivated, along with perseverance to get us through difficult challenges.






we value our team members, customers and community

we take responsibility for our actions

we believe helping others is a sustainable business strategy

In order to support our mission, Genieall relies on our team, our clients, and the communities we do business. We must always value these relationships as they are vital to our success.

Regardless of the outcome, we must hold ourselves accountable. Accountability is the igniter for caring about the outcome of our actions.

Giving to others, whether it be through our time, charitable contributions, or through our service model, our business is about helping others. To be a sustainable organization over the long term, there must always be a balance between carrying out business and giving back to the community.

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